Lego Project “Seoul Skyline”

Seoul Skyline A Lego MOC Project As a fan of skyline models I was looking for nice ideas to build a small diorama that would


Wizards, the real rulers

Wizards are an integral part of many role-playing games. Often they are restricted by rules, such as not being allowed to use weapons, a weak

Game Design

Designing Space Ships – Important Questions

Whether you’re writing a novel, designing a role-playing setting or planning another science fiction project: Spaceships are usually part of it. The most important questions

Star Map
Game Design

Building a Star Empire (Part 1)

The heart of every Space Opera novel or setting is a star empire – or better: several of them. But what exactly is a star

Adventurer Group
Game Design

The Adventurer (Trope)

A very basic element of nearly every tabletop RPG is the concept of “The Adventurer”. You will not find many games where players are taking

Jovian Chronicles

Jovian Chronicles Engineering Rules Part 1

Revisiting one of my favourite RPGs of all time I stumbled over the Mechanical Design or Engineering rules provided in the books again. They are