Beam Cannons

Beam Cannon

or Direct Energy Weapons are the second type of the three typically used large scale weapons systems used in space battles (the other two being Kinetic Kill Cannons and Missiles). Laser cannons A long time ago lasers and particle beam cannons were considered to be the weapon system of the future, superior to conventional ballistic […]

The Expanse: Annoying logic holes

The Expanse is a space opera – it’s about story-telling while trying to deliver a rather believable scientific background. They started quite well in terms of the scientific approach, but have made major mistakes in the second season that are very obvious and not easy to your eyes at. Even more irritiating ist the fact […]

The Expanse: Theory on the Ancient Builders

I haven’t seen all episodes of Season 2 yet, so I may be off topic completely here. But I just came up with one, actually two, ideas about the motives of the ancient race that is responsible for creating the protomolecule and the wormhole network spanning space (that I read about internet spoilers already). I […]

Spinning Habitat Rings on Spaceships

Rotating Habitat Rings

Without the help of magical constructions that create artificial gravity aboard spaceships, there are actually only three options to have some sort of gravity in spaceflight: Accelerate by thrusting Make your ship spin (or a section of it) Place a large mass under your ship Option 1 works perfectly as long as you can accelerate […]

Space Trucking

Space Trucking

The Mercury Planetary Book of Jovian Chronicles has some details about running freighters between the planets. On page 0072 and following it states the following information: The formula is based on the number of Equivalent Burn Points a captain or pilot wishes to spend to make the trip. Half the EBPs are spent accelerating the […]