2Eyes (Hangul: 투아이즈), stylized as 2EYES, is a South Korean girl group formed by SidusHQ. They made their debut in 2013 as a five-member group and consisted of Hyangsuk, Hyerin, Dasom, Daeun and Yeonjun. Following Yeonjun’s departure, the group continues to promote as a four-member group.

When they debuted, 2Eyes opted for strong feminine and sexy image. Unlike many girl groups who debuted at the time with bubblegum pop and „cute“ concepts, 2Eyes drew attention for doing the opposite and debuting with a more mature image.

2Eyes was formed by SidusHQ with Hyun Jin-young as their producer. It was SidusHQ’s first investment into a K-pop group since the short-lived girl group LUV and the highly successful first-generation boy band g.o.d. Prior to receiving their current name, the group was called „god5“ (갓파이브) as they were modeled after the five-member g.o.d.
Hyangsuk and Dasom had both competed in the jTBC talent competition Made in U (ko) before joining SidusHQ. Hyerin was a former JYP Entertainment trainee. Daeun had been a dancer. Yeonjun, the youngest member, was the final member recruited and had been part of an unsuccessful duo called Spiel (스피넬로) before joining the KBS singing competition program The Last Audition of My Life (ko) where she was scouted by SidusHQ.
Prior to their official debut, 2Eyes recorded their version of „Winter Love“ (겨울사랑), one of the soundtracks of the critically acclaimed SBS drama That Winter, the Wind Blows.[5] It was released in May 2013.
2013: Debut
The group name was derived from the idea of the members communicating with the audience through their eyes. They then made their debut on June 20, 2013, performing their single „Don’t Mess With Me“ (까불지마) on the Mnet music program M Countdown. The single album and music video for „Don’t Mess With Me“ were released in July. The music video featured fellow SidusHQ artist, actor Kim Woo-bin.[10] Their debut drew much attention from critics as their management agency SidusHQ was better known for managing some of South Korea’s top actors and actresses rather than musicians.
2015: Comeback
After Yeonjun’s departure, 2Eyes decided to continue promoting as a four-member group. They made their comeback on August 24, 2015 with the single „PIPPI“, which is based on the children’s stories character Pippi Longstocking. The music video featured all for members dressed like Pippi Longstocking before transforming into beautiful young women. In September, their company SidusHQ received a complaint from the Swedish company Saltkråkan which owned the copyright to the character Pippi Longstocking over the group’s use of the concept without permission.
In 2016 Pukyong University mistakenly booked 2EYES instead of TWICE as the names sound pretty similar. It seemed to be too expensive to cancel the contract, though it was never confirmed that 2EYES really took on stage. The student body was pretty upset that this happened, which shows that 2EYES are currently not a favorite idol band anymore. By now it is pretty unlikely that 2EYES will make another comeback at all. Sidus HQ only has two music groups under contract (the other is boy group g.o.d. which was famous around the early 2000s) and is mainly known for their acting talents. It seems that Sidus is not putting much effort or focus on the future of 2EYES anymore.


Hyangsook (이향숙)
Lee Hyang-suk
Leader, Vocalist
24.04.1991 (27 years)

Left 2015

Yeonjun (김연준)
Kim Yeon-jun
Main vocals, Maknae
18.03.1996 (22)

Daeun (정다은)
Jung Da-eun
Vocals, dance, maknae
03.06.1994 (24 years)

Hyerin (김혜린)
Kim Hye-rin
Dance, vocals, rap
23.07.1993 (25 years)

Dasom (이다솜)
Lee Da-som
Rap, vocals
13.11.1993 (24 years)


Don’t Mess With Me (까불지마)

June 21, 2013

  1. Don’t mess with me
  2. Bloody Luv
  3. Irony

Shooting Star

October 8, 2013

  1. Intro (Piano ver.)
  2. Shooting Star
  3. Shooting Star (inst.)


August 26, 2015

  1. PIPPI
  2. PIPPI (Instrumental)