June 2016



10X10 (TenTen) was a South Korean girl group that debuted on July 22nd, 2015 under GAON Entertainment. To date, they have released 3 singles: „Amomia“, „Say Yes To Love“ & „R U Ready“. 

Their first line-up consisted of HanU, Rica, Hyeonsung, Cindy & Jiyoon, but in October 2015, Cindy withdrew from 10X10 and Yoonah was added as a new member. As of May 2016, all first generation members have left 10X10 and they came back with a new line-up, with Yoonah and two new members. The new formation was short lived and disbanded in June 2016 without any new releases. The names of the new members remain unknown, as no announcement was made and they only participated in one concert in May. 

Former member HanU is now a soloist under the same label and has occasionally hosted a program where she interviews other idols. Since 2018 she has become a member of the girl group AiRiSU. Another former member, Rica, has also worked as a soloist and is currently a member of the girl group Mo.I.

OriginSeoul, South Korea
GenresK-pop R&B dance-pop
Years active2015–2016
LabelsGaon Entertainment
Associated actsnone
Past MembersHanU, Hyeon Sung, Jiyoon, Rica, Yoonah, Cindy


Hanyu (한유)
Jiheun Choi
Lead Vocalist
23.01.1989 (30 years)

She was in Airi, she does interviews for ArirangTV/ShowbizKorea, She still goes by Hanu sometimes Olivia. She is now a member of AiRiSu.

since 2016

Yoonah (윤아)
Yoonah Choi
11.01.1998 (21 years)

No one heard of her since the end of 10×10?

Hyeon Sung (현성)
Hyeonsung Kim
Leader, Main Vocalist
27.02.1994 (25 years)

She lives a non idol life now. She does beauty modeling and lives in a nice apartment with her two dogs. She also is a university student studying dance.

left 2015

Cindy (신디)
26. 08. 1993 (25 years)

She has disapeared from idol life. She didn’t have a instagram when the other girls did and non of them follow her.

Jiyoon (지윤)
Jiyoon Cheon
11.11.1995 (23 years)

Her Twitter account is protected but assumed inactive, She seems to live a normal non-idol life based on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Rica (리가)
Yein Lee
Main Rapper
18.11.1995 (23 years)

She went solo for a while, it seems she is still aiming to reach her dreams. Based on her instagram and facebook she is living a normal life too. She teaches dancing.


Amomia (아모미아)

22. July 2015

  1. 아모미아 (Amomia) 3:23
  2. R U Ready 3:38
  3. 아모미아 (Inst.) 3:23
  4. R U Ready (Inst.) 3:38

Say Yes To Love (좋아한다 말해 사랑한다 그래)

20 Nov. 2015

  1. 좋아한다 말해 사랑한다 그래
  2. 좋아한다 말해 사랑한다 그래 (Inst.)

R U Ready

11 March 2016

  1. R U Ready 3:38
  2. R U Ready (Inst.) 3:38