WANNA.B (워너비)



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Effectively disbanded


WANNA.B (워너비) is a girl group under Zenith Media Contents. A pre-debut was made on November 17, 2014 with the single „My Type“. On July 20, 2015, the girl group officially debuted with „Attention“.

WANNA.B was created by Zenith Media Contents in 2014. The group’s first release was on November 17, 2014 with the single My Type. After multiple girls left and joined the group, they officially debuted with Attention on July 20, 2015. At the time of debut, the 6 member group consisted of Jiwoo, Sejin, Seoyoon, Siyoung, Ami & Eunsom.

On November 11, 2015 the group made their first comeback with their 2nd single titled Hands Up.

On April 6, 2016, Zenith Media Contents announced that member Seoyoon would be leaving the group due to back pain. In addition, the label added 2 new members, these members are Roeun & Lina. Lina was revealed to be the older sister of Girl’s Day member Minah. The new line-up made their comeback on June 26, 2016, with their 3rd digital single „Why“.

In November 2016, members Jiwoo & Siyoung decided to leave the group.

On May 6, 2017, Lina appeared on the South Korean show I Can See Your Voice 4 where she performed „Something“ by Girl’s Day. Lina’s sister made a guest appearance to perform the song with her. On August 27, 2017, Lina and her sister Minah appeared on Happy Together.

In July 2018 fans posted that former Kiss&Cry and Wanna.b members (Jiwoo) to redebut in new group Destiny.


Sejin (세진)
Hwang Sejin (황세진)
June 20, 1990
([showcurrentage month=“7″ day=“20″ year=“1990″ template=“2″])

Roeun (로은)
Moon Roeun (문로은)
May 16 1995
([showcurrentage month=“5″ day=“16″ year=“1994″ template=“2″])

Lina (린아)
Bang Hyunah (방현아)
February 27, 1991
([showcurrentage month=“2″ day=“27″ year=“1991″ template=“2″])

Ami (아미)
Woo Ami (우아미)
June 5, 1994
([showcurrentage month=“6″ day=“5″ year=“1994″ template=“2″])

Eunsom (은솜)
Lee Eunjoo (이은주)
September 23, 1994
([showcurrentage month=“9″ day=“23″ year=“1994″ template=“2″])


Saebom (새봄)
Jang Saebom (장새봄)
December 15, 1994
([showcurrentage month=“12″ day=“15″ year=“1994″ template=“2″])

J.Bin (제이빈)
Kim Solbin (김솔빈)
December 8, 1995
([showcurrentage month=“12″ day=“8″ year=“1995″ template=“2″]))

Yoonseul (윤슬)
Yoon Seul (윤슬)
May 10, 1993
([showcurrentage month=“5″ day=“10″ year=“1993″ template=“2″])

Seoyoon (서윤)
Jeon Minhee (전민희)
February 27, 1992
([showcurrentage month=“2″ day=“27″ year=“1992″ template=“2″])

Jiwoo (지우)
Choi Jihye (최지혜)
July 10, 1988
([showcurrentage month=“7″ day=“10″ year=“1988″ template=“2″])

Siyoung (시영)
Jung Jiyeon (정지연)
January 20, 1994
([showcurrentage month=“1″ day=“20″ year=“1994″ template=“2″])

My Type Attention Hands Up Why?
Yoonseul x
Saebom x
J.Bin x
Jiwoo x x x x
Siyoung x x x
Seoyoon x x
Sejin x x x
Ami x x x
Eunsom x x x
Lina x x
Roeun x x



My Type

Release: 17.11.2014 (China)
Label: Zenith Media Contents

My Type“ is the pre-debut single by WANNA.B. It was released on November 17, 2014.


  • „My Type“
  • „My Type (Inst.)“


Saebom, J.Bin, Yoonseul, Jiwoo

Digital Singles

Attention (전체 차렷)

Release: 20.07.2015
Label: Zenith Media Contents

Attention“ (전체 차렷) is the first digital single by WANNA.B. It was released on July 20, 2015.

Track list

  • „Attention (전체 차렷)“ – 3:17
  • „Attention“ (Inst.) – 3:17


Sejin, Ami, Eunsom, Seoyoon, Jiwoo, Siyoung

Hands Up (손들어)

Release: 10.11.2015
Label: Zenith Media Contents

Hands Up“ is the second digital single by WANNA.B. It was released on November 10, 2015.

Track list

  • „Hands Up“ – 3:15
  • „Hands Up“ (inst.) – 3:15


Sejin, Roeun, Lina, Ami, Eunsom, Seoyoon, Jiwoo, Siyoung

Why? (왜요?)

Release: 28.06.2016
Label: Zenith Media Contents

Why?“ (왜요) is the third digital single by WANNA.B. It was released on June 28, 2016.

Track list

  • „Why? (왜요)“ – 3:56
  • „Why? (Inst.)“- 3:65


Sejin, Roeun, Lina, Ami, Eunsom, Jiwoo, Siyoung