Weapon List JC

The following weapon stats were recalculated using the System Designer. Alexander Class Destroyer KKC Turret Name Source DM BR Acc ROF Ammo Special MS WC AC TV Mass (kg) Cost (Cr) Cost/Shot (Cr) Power (MW) KKC Turret SotF1 p.38 (3)x30 7 -2 3 300 AP 12 3800 12 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a KKC Designer […]

Jovian Armed Forces

Jovian Armed Forces House Rules – – – House Rules – – – House Rules – – – House Rules – – – House Rules Origin Created as a defensive force under the Nationalization Act of 2125, the JAF has grown to a full-fledged military organization with firststrike capabilities, rivaling CEGA. JAF is comprised of […]

Goods & Prices

PROCESSED FOODS FRESH FOODS UNIQUE TASTES Soy burger 3 Fresh fruit 10 Mars Classic Earth Wines 50-300 Bottled water (1L) 1 Fruit drink (1L) 5-10 Mars Red Wine 20-60 Packaged breakfast 4-6 Dairy milk (1L) 15 Mars Green Wine 40-120 Packaged lunch 7-10 Seafood meal 25-120 Mars Blue Wine 75-200 Packaged dinner 9-12 Steak meal […]

Jovian Chronicles Engineering Rules Part 1


Revisiting one of my favourite RPGs of all time I stumbled over the Mechanical Design or Engineering rules provided in the books again. They are complicated and pretty hard to understand (at least for me), so I tried to build a spreadsheet out of the formulas and options given, to double-check vehicle data sheets found […]

System Designer Jovian Chronicles Companion 1st Edition

The following spreadsheet uses the system design rules from the Jovian Chronicles Companion 1st Edition. Individual values have been adjusted slightly, as the original rules did not effectively affect the modifiers for different accuracy, rate of fire, and some querks. In the column “JC Calc” you find the calculation of the costs according to original […]

Solar System

Our Solar System The Solar System was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago and consists of the Sun, planets, dwarf planets and other astronomical objects bound in its orbit. The formation was caused by the collapse of a giant molecular cloud, the mass at the centre collecting to form the Sun and a flat disk of […]

DP9 Games Errata

The following documents appeared over the years and tried to fix some of the many known issues with the rulebooks. I am sure there were more documents, but unfortunately some of them have been lost or I never found them. Jovian Chronicles Jovian Chronicles – Mechanical Catalog (SilCore) Errata (13.11.2004) [icon name=”file-pdf-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Jovian Chronicles […]

Travel Time Chart

The Jovian Chronicles rulebook has a chart to find flight durations between the planets. That table uses minimum, average (mean) and maximum distances between the planets (start point and end point of journey). The game assumes that the travelling ship is going “in a straight line” from A to B, pretty much ignoring the fact […]


An overview of vehicles found in the Jovian Chronicles books. 1stEdRB -1st Edition Rulebook, MechCat-1 – Mechanical Catalogue (#DP9-303), MechCat-2 – Mechanical Catalogue 2, 2ndEdPlHB – 2nd Edition Player Handbook, Mercury – Mercury Planet Sourcebook, Venus – Venus Planet Sourcebook, Earth – Earth Planet Sourcebook, Mars – Mars Planet Sourcebook, Jupiter – Jupiter Planet Sourcebook, Nomads – Nomads Planet Sourcebook, Cislunar – Cislunar Space Planet Sourcebook, SotF-1 – Ships […]