The Grand Divide

The Grand Divide

THE GRAND DIVIDE A Space Opera Setting “We flew to the stars to find freedom. Peace. A future. But we took our history with us, our fears and our bad habits.We might have survived as a race, but will we survive as humanity?” The year is 2267 and mankind has made the leap to the […]

Treasure Tables

Step 1 – Size First step is to determine the size of any treasure or loot. It doesn’t matter where it is found or under what circumstances, even grabbing stuff from the pockets of a thiefs victim is treated as a (small) treasure. Determine treasure size by choice or by rolling. Choice is preferred as […]

Game Rules Lite

Game Rules Lite 01 Basics Dice You will need a certain amount of six-sided dice  to play this game. If you only have one or two at hand you will have to make some re-rolls but you can still play. It is helpful to use dice of three different colours, here is a suggestion for […]

2d6 Quick & Dirty RPG

By Chris Source 2d6 Q&D RPG 2d6 Q&D RPG (deutsch) 0. Introduction – 2d6 Q&D is just for playing a quick roleplaying game off the cuff… maybe you’re between events at a convention, perhaps your regular DM isn’t prepared this week, or maybe you want to teach someone new to roleplaying the simplest kind of interactive […]

2d6 RPG

” I, along with a number of my friends, designed 2d6 because we felt a lot of other RPGs on the market today were too complex and took too much time to set up. Thus, 2d6 is engineered to be simple, quick, and fun, while still allowing you to have a lot of control over […]

What is a Role-Playing-Game?

What is a Roleplaying Game? What is a role-playing game? A roleplaying game is a game in which players take on the roles of imaginary characters and experience social situations and adventures in an imaginary world. Role play is the telling and experiencing of a story together. Roleplay is to guide a character through an […]

The Adventurer (Trope)

Adventurer Group

A very basic element of nearly every tabletop RPG is the concept of “The Adventurer”. You will not find many games where players are taking on the roles of bakers, social workers or civil servants. Typically character roles or class are not occupations or real life tasks. Regardless of what fancy name the roles have […]

Jovian Chronicles Engineering Rules Part 1


Revisiting one of my favourite RPGs of all time I stumbled over the Mechanical Design or Engineering rules provided in the books again. They are complicated and pretty hard to understand (at least for me), so I tried to build a spreadsheet out of the formulas and options given, to double-check vehicle data sheets found […]

D6 Pool Basic

D6 Pool RPG ist ein Rollenspiel von Russell Brown aus dem Jahr 2012. Es verwendet D6-Würfelpools und ein einfaches, aber cleveres System zur Lösung von Aufgaben. Es wurde für moderne Spielwelten entwickelt, kann aber mit etwas Aufwand an jeden Hintergrund angepasst werden. Die Spielregeln und Zubehör sind auf Englisch unter als kostenloser Download erhältlich. […]

Spezielle Fähigkeiten

In der Solas Kampagne werden die verschiedenen natürlichen und erlernten Talente, die Kreaturen besitzen können, Spezialfähigkeiten genannt. Dieser Abschnitt führt eine umfassende Liste aller Spezialfähigkeiten auf, die in den Beschreibungen von Monstern und Kreaturen auftauchen können. Spezialfähigkeiten beschreiben allgemeine Effekte. Darum funktionieren nicht immer alle Anwendungen einer bestimmten Spezialfähigkeiten, natürlich oder magisch, exakt gleich. Das […]