The Grand Divide

The Grand Divide

THE GRAND DIVIDE A Space Opera Setting “We flew to the stars to find freedom. Peace. A future. But we took our history with us, our fears and our bad habits.We might have survived as a race, but will we survive as humanity?” The year is 2267 and mankind has made the leap to the […]

Designing Space Ships – Important Questions


Whether you’re writing a novel, designing a role-playing setting or planning another science fiction project: Spaceships are usually part of it. The most important questions as to how these should look and function concern not only the ships themselves, but above all the cultural and technological developments that must exist as prerequisites for space travel. […]

Building a Star Empire (Part 1)

Star Map

The heart of every Space Opera novel or setting is a star empire – or better: several of them. But what exactly is a star empire? On Earth we have seen the evolution of many nations and alliances of nations from the Roman Empire to the European Union. Assuming that mankind (or any other intelligent […]

Jovian Chronicles Engineering Rules Part 1


Revisiting one of my favourite RPGs of all time I stumbled over the Mechanical Design or Engineering rules provided in the books again. They are complicated and pretty hard to understand (at least for me), so I tried to build a spreadsheet out of the formulas and options given, to double-check vehicle data sheets found […]

Sci-fi tv tropes – Ship Designs

Passengers - Vaisseau avalon

When I look at spaceship designs from movies, tv series, comic books, video games and other ressources, I typically find one of the following three archetypes, with Type II being the most common: Type I – NASA/Semi-Realistic Realistic deep space explorer ship by Do Mo These designs look like variations of the space shuttle or […]

Beam Cannons

Beam Cannon

or Direct Energy Weapons are the second type of the three typically used large scale weapons systems used in space battles (the other two being Kinetic Kill Cannons and Missiles). Laser cannons A long time ago lasers and particle beam cannons were considered to be the weapon system of the future, superior to conventional ballistic […]

The Expanse: Theory on the Ancient Builders

I haven’t seen all episodes of Season 2 yet, so I may be off topic completely here. But I just came up with one, actually two, ideas about the motives of the ancient race that is responsible for creating the protomolecule and the wormhole network spanning space (that I read about internet spoilers already). I […]

The Expanse: Ships

Guanshiyin Owner/Navy: Jules-Pierre Mao Bo Type: Passenger Transport The Guanshiyin is Jules-Pierre Mao’s yacht. Although it’s the size of ships that normally transport two hundred people, it only has a dozen staterooms. Each suite of rooms take up nearly an entire deck of the ship, and each room have its own private bath, media center, […]

The Expanse: Factions

United Nations (en) Nations Unies (fr) 联合国 (zh-cn) Governmental information Type: Representative democracy, Constitutional republic Head of state: Secretary-General Executive Branch:United Nations Security Council Secretary-General Esteban Sorrento-Gillis Under Secretary Sadavir Errinwright Deputy Undersecretary Chrisjen Avasarala Legislative Branch: United Nations General Assembly Judicial Branch: Court of Justice Military Branch:  United Nations Armed Forces: United Nations Navy United Nations […]

Spinning Habitat Rings on Spaceships

Rotating Habitat Rings

Without the help of magical constructions that create artificial gravity aboard spaceships, there are actually only three options to have some sort of gravity in spaceflight: Accelerate by thrusting Make your ship spin (or a section of it) Place a large mass under your ship Option 1 works perfectly as long as you can accelerate […]