The Grand Divide

The Grand Divide

THE GRAND DIVIDE A Space Opera Setting “We flew to the stars to find freedom. Peace. A future. But we took our history with us, our fears and our bad habits.We might have survived as a race, but will we survive as humanity?” The year is 2267 and mankind has made the leap to the […]

Seven Swords

Geben Sie hier Ihre Überschrift ein Klicken Sie den Bearbeitungs-Button um diesen Text zu verändern. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Stormblade The Stormblade (Jeonwang geom) is one of the seven holy swords forged by the goddess of fire Jowanshin. It was given […]


For centuries sailors have been reporting on various creatures at sea that can be dangerous to ships and sailors. One of them is the Untouched, which is especially mysterious and dangerous. According to tradition, no human being has survived an encounter with these beings in order to report more about it. These creatures are known […]


Solas is a place full of magic, but it’s a gentle and subliminal magic. She is in the essence of the things and living things of this world and fills her lungs like air to breathe. At the origin of all magic is chaotic and destructive, the Daedalis is an ancient artifact at the bottom […]

Basic Skills

In this section, the twelve basic skills, which are available to all PCs and NPCs from the start, are described. For each skill, you get short descriptions of what failure and success mean. These should not be taken too literally – you need to adapt them to the situation at hand. Stunts: Many skills list […]


Life on the streets is hard and merciless. You have been given nothing in this miserable existence, except life itself. Everything you needed or wanted, you had to take. Without family, patrons or educators, you had to learn the brutal rules of survival all by yourself – and fast. In the faceless masses of the […]


Let them stare at you in disgust. Let them shy away from you, afraid of what they see in your eyes. Let them fear you like death itself. Let them. They hate you, but they need you. Only you know the way through the Wilderness, the safe paths crossing the gravelands of the Ancients. You […]


Every day is a fight for survival. No one knows that better than you. As long as you can remember, you have been fighting. For food, for money, for respect. Your knuckles and your soul are hardened, crushing a jaw no longer hurts. You have learned the warrior’s secret: It’s not about who is the […]

Specialist SKills

THE WARRIOR SKILL: INTIMIDATE (STRENGTH) Everyone in town knows you’re bad news. Often you don’t even need to hit anyone to make them back off. You know exactly which buttons to push to subdue them – or provoke them. Roll for Intimidate when you use your sheer physical presence to get someone to do what […]

Player Character Roles

To lighten the start of the game and give you some ideas for a possible game character, here’s a selection of templates for player character roles that fit well in an adventure group. Basically, you can play all the roles that can occur in a game world, then discuss with your game master, which special […]