Designing Space Ships – Important Questions

Whether you’re writing a novel, designing a role-playing setting or planning another science fiction project: Spaceships are usually part of it. The most important questions as to how these should look and function concern not only the ships themselves, but above all the cultural and technological developments that must exist as prerequisites for space travel. […]

System Designer Jovian Chronicles Companion 1st Edition

Das folgende Spreadsheet verwendet die System Design Regeln aus dem Jovian Chronicles Companion 1st Edition. Einzelne Werte wurden leicht angepasst, da sich nach den Originalregeln die Modifikatoren für unterschiedliche Accuracy, Rate of Fire und einige Querks faktisch nicht ausgewirkt haben. In der Spalte “JC Calc” findet sich die Berechnung der Kosten nach Originalregeln, in der […]


Space warfare is totally different from anything people have experienced or developed in history on Earth. The extreme conditions of the universe dictate completely different demands on ships and fleets. Dogfights or submarines have no place in the depths of space, heavily armed capital ships that can perform various roles, dominate the battle theater. In […]