2nd Generation March 31, 2006 2012 2016

2NB (Korean: 투앤비) was a South Korean duo signed under Friday Entertainment that debuted in 2006. The duo consisted of Heo Solji and Kim Song-yi. They released their debut single “The First Fragrance” on March 31, 2006. The group disbanded in 2012. Shortly afterwards, Heo Solji became the lead singer of the girl group EXID, which debuted that same year. Also, Kim Song-yi became the lead singer of the girl group Blady, which was in 2015. 

In 2016, 2NB came back with two new members Son Yoo-na and Kim Hyo-jin.

OriginSeoul, South Korea
GenresK-pop, R&B
Years active2006-2012, 2016–present
LabelsFriday Entertainment (2006-2012)
Donuts Culture (2016-present)
Associated actsn/a

Son Yu-na
Kim Hyo-jin

Past Members

Heo Solji
Kim Song-yi
Kim Ka-hee

Son Yuna (손유나)
★ January 23, 1992 ([showcurrentage day=”23″ month=”1″ year=”1992″] years)

no instagram

Member 2016-present

Gim Hyo-jin (김효진)
★ September 24, 1996 ([showcurrentage day=”24″ month=”9″ year=”1996″] years)

no instagram

Member 2016-present

Kahee (가희)
Gim Ga-hui (김가희)
★ May 14, 1983 ([showcurrentage day=”14″ month=”5″ year=”1983″] years)

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Solji (솔지)
Heo Solji (허솔지)
★ January 10, 1989 ([showcurrentage day=”10″ month=”1″ year=”1989″] years)

2006-2012 (2NB)
2012-present (EXID)

Gabin (가빈)
Gim Song-i (김송이)
★ September 18, 1989 ([showcurrentage day=”18″ month=”9″ year=”1989″] years)
no instagram

2006-2012 (2NB)
2012-2017 (Blady)

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