Brave Girls

Brave Girls (브레이브걸스)

3rd Generation April 7, 2011 @bravegirls.official

Brave Girls (Korean: 브레이브걸스; RR: Beureibeu Geolseu) is a South Korean girl group formed by producer Brave Brothers of Brave Entertainment in 2011.

They debuted as a five-member group with the single album The Difference on 7 April 2011, promoting the songs “Do You Know (아나요)” and “So Sexy”. On 29 July, they made their comeback with “Easily”, from their mini album Back to da Future. The group promoted a remix version of Easily on 13 August and released it on 26 August. They made also an appearance in the movie Mr. Idol.

Following a 2.5 year hiatus, beginning in early 2014, they returned in 2016 and with seven members – while Hyeran and Yoojin remained part of the group, Eunyoung, Seo-a and Yejin had been replaced with Eunji, Hayun, Minyoung, Yujeong and Yuna.

On 13 January 2017, Brave Entertainment released a statement announcing the departure of Yoojin. According to the company, Yoojin is planning to concentrate on her education and will study abroad, while Hyeran is on an indefinite medical hiatus.

OriginSeoul, South Korea
Years active2011–present
LabelsBrave Entertainment
Associated acts
MembersMinyoung (2016-present)
Yujeong (2016-present)
Eunji (2016-present)
Yuna (2016-present)
Past MembersEunyoung (2011-2016)
Seo-a (2011-2016)
Yejin (2011-2016)
Yoojin (2011-2017)
Hyeran (2011-2017)
Hayun (2016-2018)

Minyoung (민영)
Kim Min-young (김민영)
Main Vocalist Main Dancer
★ September 12, 1990 (30 years)

Singer Dancer

Yujeong (유정)
Nam Yu-jeong (남유정)
★ May 2, 1991 (29 years)

Singer Dancer

Eunji (은지)
Hong Eun-ji (홍은지)
Main Rapper Lead Vocalist
★ July 19, 1992 (28 years)
Yeosu, South Jeolla Province

Singer Dancer

Yuna (유나)
Lee Yu-na (이유나)
Lead Rapper Lead Vocalist
Lead Dancer Visual
★ April 6, 1993 (27 years)

u.nalee / u.na93
Singer Dancer

Former members

Hyeran (혜란)
Noh Hye-ran (노혜란)
Main Rapper Main Dancer Vocalist Face of the Group
★ April 9, 1993 (27 years)

Singer Dancer
2011-2017 (hiatus)

Eunyoung (은영)
Park Eun-young (박은영)
Leader Main Dancer
Lead Vocalist Visual Face of the Group
★ October 15, 1987 (32 years)

Singer Dancer

Seo-ah (서아)
Park Seo-a (박서아)
★ February 9, 1988 (32 years)

Singer Dancer

Yejin (예진)
Han Ye-jin (한예진)
Han Christina
Main Vocalist
★ November 24, 1990 (29 years)

Singer Dancer Actress

Yujin (유진)
Jeong Yu-jin (정유진)
Lead Vocalist Lead Rapper
★ September 14, 1992 (28 years)

Singer Dancer

Hayun (하윤)
Lee Ha-yun (이하윤)
Vocalist Maknae
★ August 29, 1994 (26 years)

Singer Dancer


Extended plays

Brave Girls - Back To Da Future

Back To Da Future

  • Released: 29 July 2011
  • Label: Brave Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Gaon Position: 14 (June 2016)
  1. Back to da Future
  2. Easily (툭하면) [feat. Skull]
  3. If It Rains (비가 내리면)
  4. It Hurts So Much (너무 아파) [feat. Maboos of Electroboyz] (Eunyoung solo)
  5. Do You Know (아나요) [Acoustic Version]
  6. Easily (툭하면) [Instrumental]


  • Released: 22 February 2012
  • Label: Brave Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Gaon Position: 14 (June 2016)
  1. B’Girls Are Back
  2. Nowadays, You (요즘 너)
  3. Without a Word (말 없이)
  4. Nowadays, You (요즘 너) [Remix]
  5. Nowadays, You (요즘 너) [Instrumental]
Brave Girls - High Heels

High Heels

  • Released: 27 June 2016
  • Label: Brave Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Gaon Position: 22
  1. High Heels (하이힐)
  2. Help Me
  3. Whatever
  4. Let’s Meet (만나지 말걸)
  5. Deepened (변했어)
Brave Girls - Rollin EP


  • Released: 7 March 2017
  • Label: Brave Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Gaon Position: 30
  1. Rollin’
  2. Past Thoughts (옛생각)
  3. Don’t Rush (서두르지 마)
  4. High Heels (하이힐) [Remix]
  5. Outro (Rollin’)

Single Albums

The Difference

  • Released: 7 April 2011
  • Label: Brave Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Gaon Position: 2
  1. Ain’t Nobody Like Brave Girls
  2. So Sexy
  3. Do You Know (아나요)
  4. So Sexy (Instrumental)

Promotional Singles

NameReleaseGaon PeakAlbum
“Do You Know” (아나요)04.08.201119The Difference
“Easily” (툭하면)29.07.201138Back To Da Future
“Nowadays, You” (요즘 너)22.02.201221Re-Issue
“For You” (포유)31.08.201350Non-album single
“Deepened” (변했어)15.02.2016131High Heels
“High Heels” (하이힐)22.06.2016135High Heels
“Yoo-hoo” (유후 (우린 아직 여름))31.08.2016Non-album single
“Rollin'” (롤린)02.03.2017Rollin’
“Rollin” (New Version) (롤린) (New Version)09.08.2018Non-album single

Featured Singles

NameReleaseGaon PeakAlbum
“Passing Of The Year”(Electroboyz, Brave Girls, BIGSTAR & Park Soo Jin)26.12.2013Passing Of The Year – Bye 2013 BRAVESOUND – Bravefamily Winter Single