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3rd Generation August 23, 2014 August 2017 @d.holic

D.Holic (Hangul: 디홀릭) was a South Korean girl group formed by Star Road Entertainment (formerly H.Mate Entertainment) in 2014 with five members. Nine left the group in August 2015, due to personal reasons, and was replaced by new member, Hwajung. In July 2016, it was revealed through teasers that Danbee and Duri had decided to leave the group, new member, EJ, was added to the line-up.

In February 2017, it was confirmed through a performance that members Hami and Hwajung had departed from the group. They were temporary replaced with new members, Nayoung and Youjin, although they never officially made their debut.

In July 2017, EJ announced that she would be leaving the group to pursue a modelling career. The group informally disbanded after the departure of all but one member, with the aim of re-debuting the remaining member, Rena, into a new girl group within a year (which never happened since then).

The group has released one mini-album: Chewy (2015) and three single albums: D.Holic Dark With Dignity (2014), Murphy & Sally (2015), and Color Me Rad (2016).

OriginSeoul, South Korea
GenresK-pop, dance
Years active2014–2017
LabelsStar Road Entertainment (2017)
H.Mate Entertainment (2014-2016)
Associated actsn/a
Website starroadent.com
Past MembersNine (나인) (2014–2015)
Dan Bee (단비) (2014–2016)
Duri (두리) (2014–2016)
Hami (하미) (2014–2017)
Rena (레나) (2014–2017)
Hwa Jung (화정) (2015–2017)
EJ (이제이) (2016–2017)
Nayoung (나영) (2017)
Youjin (유진) (2017)
Sekioka Rena

Rena (레나)
Myoui/Sekioka Rena (関岡玲奈)
Kwan Ryeong-na (관령나)
Leader Vocalist
Visual Face of the Group
★ June 29, 1991 ([showcurrentage day=”29″ month=”6″ year=”1991″] years)

Song Eun-ju

Song Eun-ju (송은주)
Main Rapper
★ September 28, 1993 ([showcurrentage day=”28″
month=”9″ year=”1993″] years)

Xu Xiao Han

Hami (하미)
Xu Xiao Han / Wang Hami
Vocalist Main Dancer
★ November 23, 1993 ([showcurrentage day=”23″ month=”11″ year=”1993″] years)

Chu Hwajung

Hwajung (화정)
Chu Hwa-jung (추화정)
Main Vocalist Maknae
★ May 10, 1995 ([showcurrentage day=”10″ month=”5″ year=”1995″] years)

Gu Minhee

Nine (나인)
Gu Min-hui (구민희)
Lead Vocalist
★ January 7, 1997 ([showcurrentage day=”7″ month=”2″ year=”1997″] years)

Jang Danbi

Dan Bee (단비)
Jang Dan-bi (장단비)
Main Rapper Lead Dancer
★ May 13, 1993 ([showcurrentage day=”13″ month=”5″ year=”1993″] years)

Kim Duri

Duri (두리)
Kim Du-ri (김두리)
Leader Lead Vocalist
★ August 26, 1993 ([showcurrentage day=”26″ month=”8″ year=”1993″] years)

Nayoung (나영)
Kim Na-yeong (김나영)
Replacement, no debut

Youjin (유진)
Ju Yu-jin (주유진)
Replacement, no debut

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