EXID      이엑스아이디      iegseuaidi "Exceed in Dreaming"

2nd Generation February 6, 2012 @exidofficial

EXID (/iː ˈɛks aɪ ˈdiː/; Hangul: 이엑스아이디; short for “Exceed in Dreaming”), is a South Korean girl group formed in 2012. The group currently consists of five members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin and Jeonghwa. EXID debuted in February 2012, with the single “Whoz That Girl”. Though the album gained some attention, it was not until 2014 that the group unexpectedly gained popularity with the single “Up & Down”, which reached number one on the Gaon Singles Chart four months after release due to a fan-recording of a live performance becoming a viral video. EXID released their second EP Ah Yeah in April 2015, to commercial success. They followed this with their first studio album Street (2016) and the EPs Eclipse and Full Moon (2017).

OriginSeoul, South Korea
GenresK-pop, Trip-hop, R&B
Years active2012–present
LabelsBanana Culture, AB, Tokuma Japan
Associated actsC-Clown, Shinsadong Tiger, Bestie
Past MembersDami
Heo Solji

Solji (솔지)
Heo Sol-ji (허솔지)
Leader Main Vocalist
★ January 10, 1989 ([showcurrentage day=”10″ month=”1″ year=”1989″] years)

Former member of the group 2NB.

Ahn Hyojin

LE (엘이)
An Hyo-jin (안효진)
Main Rapper Lead Dancer
★ December 10, 1991 ([showcurrentage day=”10″
month=”12″ year=”1991″] years)

Ahn Hee-Yeon

Hani (하니)
An Hui-yeon (안희연)
Lead Vocalist Lead Dancer
Face of the Group
★ May 1, 1992 ([showcurrentage day=”1″ month=”5″ year=”1992″] years)

Seo Hye-lin

Hyerin (혜린)
Seo Hye-lin (서혜린)
Lead Vocalist
★ August 23, 1993 ([showcurrentage day=”23″ month=”8″ year=”1993″] years)

Park Jeonghwa

Jeonghwa (정화)
Bag Jeong-hwa (박정화)
Main Dancer Lead Rapper
Vocalist Maknae
★ May 8, 1995 ([showcurrentage day=”8″ month=”5″ year=”1995″] years)

Kang Hye-yeon

Dami (다미)
Gang Hye-yeon (강혜연)
Lead Vocalist
★ December 8, 1990
([showcurrentage day=”8″ month=”12″ year=”1990″] years)

She left the group in April 2012.
She debuted with Bestie in July 2013

Jung Yooji

Yuji (유지)
Jeong Yu-ji (정유 지)
Leader Main Vocalist
Lead Dancer
★ January 02, 1991 ([showcurrentage day=”2″ month=”1″ year=”1991″] years)
no instagram

She left the group in April 2012.
She debuted with Bestie in July 2013

Na Haeryung

Haeryung (해령)
Na Hae-lyeong (나해령)
Lead Dancer Vocalist
★ November 11, 1994 ([showcurrentage day=”11″ month=”11″ year=”1994″] years)

She left the group in April 2012.
She debuted with Bestie in July 2013

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