Purfles Group Photo

3rd Generation October 26, 2014 ~ 2016 @purfles_official

Purfles (Korean: 퍼 펄즈), was a South Korean girl group formed by Crescendo Music in 2014. The group consisted of three members: Geonhee, Wooyoung and Eunyong. The girls made their official debut with the single “1,2,3” on October 23, 2014.

There was no life sign or official statement regarding the group since 2016. The website of Crescendo Music is down and it seem the company no longer exists. As it is often the case with minor labels, it seems that Purfels ceased to exist at some point after 2016 without any communication.

Geonhui and Eunyeong continue to post on Instagram from time to time, they seem to travel a lot. Wu-yeongs instagram account has disappeared and nothing about her activities is known. There are no signs that the women continue a career in the entertainment industry, as of yet,

OriginSeoul, South Korea
GenresK-pop, dance-pop
Years active2014–2016
LabelsCrescendo Music (defunct)
Associated actsn/a
Past MembersGeonhee (2014-2016)
Wooyoung (2014-2016)
Eunyong (2014-2016)
Park Geon-hee

Geonhee (건희)
Bag Geon-hui (박건희)
Leader Vocalist
★ May 18, 1990 ([showcurrentage day=”18″ month=”5″ year=”1990″] years)

Sin Eun-yeong

Eunyong (은용)
Sin Eun-yeong (신은용)
★ August 20, 1991 ([showcurrentage day=”20″
month=”8″ year=”1991″] years)

Yan Wu-yeong

Wooyoung (우영)
Yang Wu-yeong (양우영)
Vocalist Maknae
★ June 8, 1993 ([showcurrentage day=”8″ month=”6″ year=”1993″] years)