Owner/Navy: Jules-Pierre Mao Bo
Type: Passenger Transport

The Guanshiyin is Jules-Pierre Mao’s yacht.

Although it’s the size of ships that normally transport two hundred people, it only has a dozen staterooms. Each suite of rooms take up nearly an entire deck of the ship, and each room have its own private bath, media center, game room, and a lounge with a full bar and a large screen showing the view outside. The ship also has a mural of a horse on its hull, painted in color.

Weeping Somnambulist

Owner/Navy: Melissa & Santichai Supitayaporn
Type: Food Freighter

The Weeping Somnambulist is a Ceres-registered food freighter which spent twenty years delivering food from Ganymede to Ceres prior to the Ganymede incident. It is currently a registered relief ship. The ship was nearly a hundred years old and at the end of her life cycle.
It has a two-person crew. It is unarmed. The ship is approximately 150 meters or 450 feet long.


Owner/Navy: Pur’n’Kleen Water Company
Type: Water Hauler

A century ago it was a transport ship for colonists to the Belt, but it has been retooled as a water hauler, shuttling glaciers from Saturn’s rings to the colonies along with dozens of similar ships.

It has a roughly tubular shape, and is about 750 meters long and 250 meters wide. It has at least one shuttle, the Knight.


Owner/Navy: Martian Congressional Republic Navy
Holden and Company
Type: Corvette-class

Originally called the Tachi, the ship was stationed as a fleet escort vessel and torpedo bomber on the Martian navy vessel Donnager.

According to the novels this vehicle has an initial acceleration of 0.25g and a DeltaV of 5933km/s. With 1.1 MN (1 Epstein Drive) of thrust that gives a wet mass of 407.9 metric tons and with an Isp of 1,100,000s (again, Epstein Drive) that gives a dry mass of 235.3 metric tons.

The ship is about 56.3 meters (185 feet) lenght and 17.3 meters (56.7 feet) beam.

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