Renting living space has become very expensive over the centuries. Especially in megacities and on orbital stations living space is very limited and even a place in bad conditions costs a small fortune.
Sleeping Tube200-300/month, 8-12/night
Box Quarter300-400/month, 20/night
Single Quarter600-800/month, 35-50/night
Double Quarter900-1200/month, with window +200, 50-75/night
Luxury Quarter500.000-3.000.000


Standard quality clothing is available everywhere and quite affordable. Better or premium class clothing will cost standard price x3 and x10 respectively.
Work Coverall75
Fire-Retardent Coverall125
Business Suit200-400
Casual Business Clothes100-200
Casual Coverall50-100
Casual Pants30-80
Casual Shirt20-50
Evening Gown200-800
Tuxedo400, 30/day
Fashionable Clothing500-2.500
Soy burger3Fresh fruit10Mars Classic Earth Wines50-300
Bottled water (1L)1Fruit drink (1L)5-10Mars Red Wine20-60
Packaged breakfast4-6Dairy milk (1L)15Mars Green Wine40-120
Packaged lunch7-10Seafood meal25-120Mars Blue Wine75-200
Packaged dinner9-12Steak meal30-150  
Energy bar1    
Soy milk (1L)2    
Phi Series 3 Cargo Loader65.000
Colonial Transport Truck50.000
Drake Ultralight Flier500
Tomika Colonial Utility Automobile30.000
LOAT Rover268.000
Intercolonial Shuttle700.000
OM-11X Bulldog180.000
Ion Bike5.400-135.000
Adelaide Motorboat30.000
Cronus-Class Cargo Hauler310 million
DML-15 Vulcan1.000.000
Seraph-Class Solar Sailunknown
Orphan-Class Magsail Barge22 million
Hoplite Civilian Exo-armor330.000
Delphin-Class Quickship6.8 million
Empress-Class Liner757 million
Panama-Class Barge23 million
Tibernian-Class Mining Ship75 million
Geneva-Class Hospital Ship118 million
UMI-OU Deep-Water Exo-Suit135.000
OM-27X Tenshi SAR Exo-Suit420.000
OM-20D Kani SAR Drone175.000
Leviathan-Class Space Tug44 million
L200 Hermes Space Plane1.500.000
Monorail, busses 
6 hour pass1
Monthly pass40
Yearly pass400
Shuttle flight (inter-cylinder) 
within clusterround-trip 15, one-way 10
between clustersround-trip 35, one-way 25
MercuryLift 313, Descent 157
EarthLift 845, Descent 845
MarsLift 386, Descent 231
VenusLift 772, Descent 1220
MoonLift 178, Descent 89
TitanLift 198, Descent 242