The New Olympians

The Jovian Confederation is a major power and political faction in the solar system. It is comprised of three independent nations. Formed by asteroid and gas miners in the 2040 years the Confederation was officialy proclaimed in 2113 by the three Jovian colony nations that became independent from Earth themselves in 2090 and 2091.

Olympus encompasses all settlements in the Jovian sub-system, including those on the moons of Jupiter. It is home to the Confederation capital: Elysee Station in the orbit of Ganymede.

Vanguard Mountain and Newhome are the other two nations and located at the Jovian L4 and L5 points, amidst the Trojans, huge asteroid fields that share the same orbit around the sun as Jupiter. These two Trojan States are both more than 800 million kilometers way from Jupiter / Olympus, which is about as far away as Earth.


All three nations together have a total population of about 540 million, which is considerably smaller than that of CEGA Earth. But the abundance of ressources and the high levels of education and technological development make the Confederation a major political and military power within the solar system.

Jovian Confederation: 540 million (198 colony cylinders)
Olympus: 250 million (68 colony cylinders)
Vanguard Mountain: 160 million (69 colony cylinders)
Newhome: 130 million (61 colony cylinders)
Elysee Colony Cylinder: 5.2 million
Jupiter Moons (surface): 70.000 (50.000 alone in Mannenburg Mining Center on Ganymede)

Jupiter (Gas Giant)

Distance From Sun:778.300.000 km
Revolution Around Sun:11,86 years
Rotation:9,9 hours
Axial Tilt:
Diameter:142.800 km
Density:1.3x that of water
Mass:1,9×1027 kg
Surface Gravity:Depends on altitude
Escape Velocity:59,5 km/sec
Average Surface Temperature:-130 °C at cloud tops
Atmosphere:86% hydrogen, 14% helium, 0.1% methane, 0.02% ammonia
Population:540 million
Languages:English, Spacer’s Runic, French
Primary Exports:Electronics, manufactured goods, gasses
Primary Imports:Specialized foodstuffs


Orbit of Ganymede
Capital: Elysée (II) station (since 2085)
Independence: Dec 24th, 2090
Earliest settlement: Ironwheel Station (2038)
Head of state: Minister (formal position)
Total population:

Elysée Vivarium 4.87 million

6 Joshua’s Station
Vivarium ?

15 Schwarzwald Vivarium 4.2 million

18 Khannan Gamma Division HQ
Wheel 4.2 million

24 Yin-wang
Vivarium 2.4 million

33 Zagadka
Vivarium 980.000

64 Nicholoid
Vivarium 960.000

Vanguard Mountain

L4 (Leading Trojans, “Greeks”)
Capital: Vanguard Mountain station (since )
Independence: Sept 13th, 2090
Earliest settlement: Vanguard Mountain station ()
Head of state: Minister (formal position)
Total population: 

1 Vanguard Mountain
Vivarium ?

22 Dalton
Vivarium 2.2 million

23 Geiersburg Alpha Division HQ
Vivarium 2.2 million


L5 (Following Trojans, “Trojans”)
Capital: Heorot station (since 2101)
Independence: Jan 21st, 2091
Earliest settlement:  station ()
Head of state: Minister (formal position)
Total population: 


Newhome Heorot
Vivarium ?

Newhome 7 Priam
Vivarium 3.5 million

Newhome 44 Rashapur
Vivarium 1.9 million

Galilean Moons


Mannenburg Mining Center
Population: 50,000


A few dozen miner facilities on the surface
Several monitoring stations in orbit


Several water mining settlements that send chunks of ice towards the Olympus stations.
Several small research camps.


Several water mining settlements that send chunks of ice towards the Olympus stations.
Several small research camps.