Note: I can’t remember where I found the following errata and who wrote them. They may or may not be official.


• Page 55, 2nd paragraph, last line: “…MoF of 1…*MoS 6*…” should be MoF 6.
• Page 138, add: “Extra actions can be used to fire a single weapon repeatedly.”
• Page 139, Vector Diagram. The positive values should face the top of the page.
• Page 141, Dest. Counter Diagram. Unit A on the diagram is misidentified as B. The map is incorrectly oriented; to make sense, the Vectors should be -3X, +1Y, +2Z, -3V not +1X, +3Y, +1Z, -3V.
• Page 159, Syst. Dam. Table. Light Damage result of 6 should read “Roll Twice on this Table.”


• All space ships’ Deployment Ranges should be in hours, not km.
• Page 38, Tengu. Main Hull armor should be 50/100/150.
• Page 42, Poseidon. Main Hull Armor should be 90/180/270.
• Page 76, Thunderbolt. Dep. Range should be 2000 hours.
• Page 76, Thunderbolt. Particle Cannon Armor should be 20/40/60.
• Page 88, Valiant. KKC turrets have 300 rounds each, not 3000.
• Page 90, Godsfire. Main Hull Armor should be 90/180/270.
• Page 122, Shuttle. Stall Speed is zero.


Page 11
A copy and paste mistake was made during the layout of the Chaos
Principle, and the text planned for page 11 was replaced with
the text of another page. While future printings will be corrected,
here’s the original text for those of you with the first printing
version. The table remains the same.

1.4 A Larger Tapestry
The solar system in 2213 is a place rife with petty squabbling between nations; unwilling to
commit the manpower and equipment necessary for proper assaults or retaliations, the
governments of the twenty-third century have become accustomed to using less open
means to strike at their enemies. Thus have the three years since the Odyssey seen
several well-publicized defections, a few international incidents and countless skirmishes,
accidents and disasters both natural and otherwise. Of these, only two are of real
relevance to the story of The Chaos Principle.

In early 2212, Avram Thorsen, the infamous Traitor of ElysZe, resurfaced in the inner Solar
System after escaping custody and vanishing for eighteen months. Gathering around him a
small corps of loyal old friends, the former General led a commando raid on a Venusian
space station. The raid sparked a shadow-war between the Venusian Bank and several
rival corporations, and resulted in the Venusian Bank being subjected to an extensive Solar
Police investigation that continues to the present. To the best of anyone’s knowledge,
General Thorsen died on Venus, his goals unclear, but his loyalty to the Jovian
Confederation partially reaffirmed.

During this time, a series of terrorist attacks by a group known as the Seraphim brought
fear and anger to much of Olympus. The situation escalated to the Confederation-inhabited
moons of Saturn, where a pitched battle involving the Confederation, CEGA and the
Seraphim ended the threat. Following the incident, THC, the owners and administrators of
the Titan mining stations, requested and received approval from the Agora to become a
semi-independent protectorate of the Confederation.

The assembly and dispatching of the Mars peacekeeping fleet in early 2213 has been the
first mobilization of such size in the history of the Confederation. Over fifty large warships
headed to the inner solar system in a show of Jovian strength and determination. Concern
over the size of the corresponding CEGA fleet prompted the Agora to approve the
assembly of a reinforcement force from Newhome which, at the time, was much closer to
Mars than Olympus. The additional forces have almost doubled the size of the Jovian
force, and fueled further concern in the inner solar system regarding the Jovians’ true

Assuming the plot of The Chaos Principle goes off without interference or alteration by
Player Characters, there are a number of milestones in which the main struggles of the
storyline are fought through and resolved, regardless of the actions of individuals. They
can be used as reference points by the Gamemaster.