Science Fiction

Galaxy, Star & System Names

    Generates a small set of galaxy names, based on real galaxy names. They sound realistic or believable but mix up different namming conventions and are quite artificial.
    Samples: Apus Acallaris, Orithyia, Ara Sagittarius, Porphyrion Star System, Chronos Cloud, Crescent Nebula, Iris Nebula, Fishscale Star System, CP-989, WZZ 11B


    This generates a small set of pretty fantastic and weird star names. It’s basiically a fantasy name generator that produces names that are very hard to pronounce, write or remember and are best suited for alien star systems. It produces hardly any names that human scientists or colonists would give stars or planets, unless in a very exotic far future setting.
    Samples: Oqoip, Claeys, Vlaiy, Proob, Lio, Traukloh, Stropuls, Oslinlal, Slaldum, Hiacars


  • Donjon Name Generators 
      Another generator that uses a list of existing star names and mixed in deities, numbers and fantasy names to generate new combinations. The result is very inconsistent and not suited for hard sci-fi or a compelling naming convention.
      Samples: 5769 Vespae, 6240 Cassiopeiae, 8214 Anuradha, Anshur, 5196 Mali, Nyx, Aule, Alyosha, 4641 Wei Xiu, Ungoliant


    • The same is true for the planet name generator that can be found on the same page (just select it from the options). It creates a mixed bag of names, tat could work for planets as well as for stars, but uses rather obvious sources.
      Samples: Tema’s World, New Ceres, Dnorme, Mrani, Bgztlani, Mani VI, Igek Prime, Mnemosyne, Castor, Asherah


    • Another Donjon generator is the Star Wars System Generator, that produces detailed systems with names that sound very much like Star Wars names. You have to start that one manually for every name/system to be generated by clicking the link in the page menu. It seems to use a set list of names, I don’t know how repetitive the results actually are.
      Samples: Idror, Cara, Jussi, Dara, Goshi, Ines, Dono, Kala, Jovy, Ilbrin


    • Traveller System Name Generator
      The same exists for the Traveller RPG, producing a Traveller System Profile and a name that suits the Traveller universe pretty well. You will find obvious greek and fantasy names in between.
      Samples: Luthien, Alkonost, Telly, Clotho, Aethalides, Thalou T’Gubra, Xanii, Huldra, Mira Gose, Meli


    This url generates one system name at a time. It uses a set list of real star names and generated names that are usually pretty pointless combinations of greek star names.
    Samples: Dakara System, Psi Olympia System, Omega Barton System, Gamma Dosi System, Avolantis System, Epsilon Indi, Vega, Sigma Scorpii, Beta Zariah System, Yridian System


    It generates a list of rather fantastic star and planet names. They could suit a Traveller campaign well, but sound too exotic for near future colonization settings. A few weird creations may pop up , too – although “Gyrocommand” and “Midiblade” could work in an Anime setting.
    Samples: Plutolazar, Maxisaur, Odessaxima, Gyrocommand, Asolimo, Insestroid, Lexagus, Myrmingle, Midiblade, Tubuphobia


    This generator creates a full solar system with fantasy names for the star/s and planets. They sound pretty much like D&D or alien names. Only a few names obviously belong to any human naming convention or language. The names seem to be generated by the PHP and not taken from a fixed list.
    Samples: Raoter, Vaguearine, Uwau-Nuyo, Tushro, Stepower, Sedaink


    A simple generator that creates one system name per page load. The names are quite good as far as tested. They are taken from the game universe of No Man’s Sky, which has millions of generated systems.
    Samples: Mulran V, Tromenutea, Xonlis, Delidam, Namoerth, Nududreus-RX, Qudam, Jaslore, Japlon e3, Charusia
    This web generator creates a full system section based on the generator rules from Stars Without Number RPG. If you click the World tab you get a list of all generated system names plus additional data. The names are pretty much Traveller style, but not to exotic – they seem to have a slight Arabic touch.
    Samples: Aegialeia, Cervano, Erginus, Fatima, Hussain, Matacena, Panope, Sakeena, Terreros, Zebramani