Over the millenia several intelligent races took to the stars, explored and settled new worlds. Nations rose and fell, governments forged alliances, great empires emerged between the stars and changed in the storms of history. The fewest star kingdoms are indeed kingdoms or empires but have quite more modern forms of government. Nor are the names always what people or the respective non-human civilizations would understand by it.


Every empire has a government that provides different benefits. The name of a government is determined according to its Ethics, Authority, and Civics.


An empire’s authority determines how power is transferred in the government. For all authority types, except gestalt consciousnesses, policies such as voting rights and leadership affect who can get elected.

DemocraticDemocratic governments have regular elections where all citizens can vote on who should represent them.
OligarchicOligarchic governments are ruled by a small group of individuals that hold all political power.
DictatorialDictatorial governments are ruled by a single individual for life that wields absolute control over the state.
ImperialImperial governments are similar to dictatorial ones, except that the throne is always inherited by a designated successor upon the ruler’s death.
Hive Mind

Hive Minds operate as a single organism more than as a state. The population has no free will, and act as an extension of the Hive Mind itself – much like the limbs of a body.

When cut off from the Mind, these drones become comatose and eventually wither and die. Any free individuals on planets owned by the Mind are driven away, killed, or simply treated as prey to feed the collective.

Machine Intelligenced

Machine Intelligences are immense artificial group minds that have been networked into a single conscious entity. Most of the actual “population” in such an empire consists of mindless work units who perform their designated tasks without any semblance of free will.

A small number of semi-autonomous agents are typically employed for more specialized tasks that benefit from some degree of independent initiative.


A civic represents a political and/or the social traditions of a government and they come in a wide variety of types, primarily limited by the authority and ethics an empire possesses.

Agrarian IdyllA simple and peaceful life can often be the most rewarding. This agrarian society has, to a large extent, managed to avoid large-scale urbanization.
Aristorcratic EliteThis society has an entrenched nobility that occupies the upper echelons of society.
Beacon of LibertyThis society is a shining beacon of light in a sea of darkness. Liberty and individual freedoms are held in the highest regard here.
Citizen ServiceAre you doing your part? Full citizenship and the political responsibility that comes with it is limited to those who have served a tour of duty in the military. Service guarantees citizenship.
Corporate DominionThis society is dominated by a megacorporation that has completely supplanted the role of the state.
Corvée SystemThis society considers it the absolute right of the state to decide where its citizens live and work.
Cutthroat PoliticsThe political system in this society is renowned for its intrigue. Power struggles, shady backroom deals and cloak and dagger scheming are par for the course. Those who survive long enough to learn the game, however, tend to learn it well.
Distinguished AdmiraltyThe Fleet and the Admiralty have unusually prominent roles in this society, wielding a great deal of influence in political circles. They have the pick of the litter when it comes to new military recruits.
Efficient BureaucracyThis society is renowned for its efficiency. Not only do the mag-trains run on time, but the colossal bureaucratic apparatus required to run an interstellar nation has been greatly streamlined.
EnvironmentalistThis society seeks to co-exist in harmony with nature. Great care is taken to preserve the environment and limit consumerism where possible.
Exalted PriesthoodTo guard against heresy, this society is ruled by a religious council consisting of the wisest and most pious members of the clergy.
Feudal SocietyThis society is organized in a feudal manner, with a monarch whose rule relies on powerful vassals that govern their territories with considerable autonomy.
Free HavenThis society has a well-earned reputation as a free haven. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free – all are welcome here, regardless of their species or origin.
Functional ArchitectureThis society is renowned for its simple yet functional architecture. There are those who would refer to this building style as boring or even depressing, but in most cases, concrete does the job just as well as any other building material.
Idealistic FoundationThis society was founded on strong idealistic values. Whether the current government remains true to them or not, the people have not forgotten.
Imperial CultThis society has a dominant state religion where the ruler is worshiped as a living deity.
Inward PerfectionThis calm and pacifist society has little use for strangers who do not understand their way of life. More than anything, they would prefer to be left alone.
MeritocracyAn individuals’ social station or personal connections should have no bearing on their profession. The sole basis for advancement in this society is demonstrated ability and talent.
Mining GuildsSeveral large mining guilds have reached a dominant position in this society. The government relies heavily on their support.
Nationalistic ZealA strong sense of nationalistic pride permeates all layers of this society.
Parliamentary SystemThe parliamentary system in this society encourages a free and lively debate. Currying favor with one of the dominant political factions can prove to be quite advantageous.
Philosopher KingIt is not enough to simply rule. The Ship of State must be guided by a king that wields enough wisdom and knowledge to steer it true.
Police StateTo quash any traces of dissent, the population in this repressive society is carefully monitored and controlled by a large internal police force.
Shadow CouncilUnbeknownst to its own citizens, this society is actually manipulated from behind the scenes by a secretive shadow council. Appearances must be kept, but the tyranny of the majority should also be guarded against. After all, what if the fools vote for the wrong candidate?
Slaver GuildsMuch of the true political power in this society rests with a number of powerful and ruthless slaver guilds. They know how to get the most out of a slave.
Warrior CultureThis society has developed into a hardy warrior culture. Martial prowess is valued above all else, and true glory can only be found on the field of battle.
TechnocracyTo maximize efficiency, this society is governed according to the principles of science and rationality. The personal whims of an ignorant and dangerously unqualified political elite must not be allowed to interfere.
Fanatic PurifiersThis society appears hellbent on scouring the galaxy of all other sapient life. Come what may, they will suffer no xenos to live.
MechanistThis society has been preoccupied with the idea of metallic automatons since the early Steam Age. Although many said it could not be done, the first true robots left the assembly lines long before even rudimentary space flight was achieved.
Syncretic EvolutionA second species forms an integral part of this society. They are big, strong and most of them have the intelligence of a particularly dim-witted child. Ancient wars have culled their species of their most aggressive tendencies, leaving them quite servile.
Life-SeededThis society has evolved in a paradise, possibly designed just for them.
Post-ApocalypticBaptized by nuclear fire, this society has faced total annihilation – and survived. Devastated yet unbroken, they have rebuilt civilization from the ashes of the old world.
Barbaric DespoilersThis society holds few things sacred. To fight is to live, and the strongest may seize whatever they covet.


Ethics are the guiding principles of an empire and its people. Ethics determine an empire’s favored courses of action and responses to situations. Ethics have a profound effect on options available during the game. For instance, diplomatic options with alien species are affected by ethics, as are some options for dealing with anomalies. As a result, ethics choices have a greater impact on game experience than the bonuses and maluses listed on this page.

Every empire can have either three moderate ethics or one fanatic and one moderate ethic.

Fanatic AuthoritarianA single voice, a single throne, a single state. It is the solemn duty of the masses to obey those enlightened few who have been charged with the great responsibility of leadership.
AuthoritarianA strong, guiding hand is essential to the success of any civilization – the alternative would be anarchy and chaos. It is the duty of the state to steer its citizens towards the paths that are the most productive.
EgalitarianAny society that does not embrace equality between its members – where an individual can rise to any position with enough hard work – is not only deeply unfair, but ultimately counterproductive.
Fanatic EgalitarianBeware always those who would be despots, under the false presumption that their desires and agendas are somehow more imperative than those of their fellows. A society that does not see to the needs and rights of all of its members is not a society – it is a crime.
Fanatic XenophobeAny alien influence must be ruthlessly quashed. Only by staying pure, and true to ourselves and the planet that gave us life can we guard against insidious Xeno plots. Even mastery over the Alien might not be enough to guarantee our own safety…
Corvée SystemThis society considers it the absolute right of the state to decide where its citizens live and work.
XenophobeThe stakes could not be higher as we reach into the vast uncharted expanses of the galaxy, for we are gambling with the very survival of our species! Never trust the alien; its false smile hides an unknowable mind…
XenophileThere exists, in all of us, a deep-seated fascination for the unknown. An adventurous spirit that rejects the familiar and glories in the unfamiliar, whatever – or whomever – it may be.
Fanatic XenophileIf there ever was such a thing as an absolute moral imperative, it would be to explore the cosmos and embrace all within it. We were never meant to journey alone.
Fanatic MilitaristThe ability to project force is of paramount importance. The only way to preserve our way of life is to make sure everyone shares it; willingly or not…
MilitaristThe only true virtues are courage and discipline, and channeled properly they can overcome any obstacle. Therein lies true strength; force withheld, a promise made.
PacifistConflict as a means to an end is a ridiculous concept. It is by nature destructive, destroying what was to be obtained or giving room to grow that which was to be destroyed.
Fanatic PacifistAs civilized beings, the end of all armed conflict should be our primary concern. War is an evolutionary dead end, as futile as it is wasteful.
Fanatic MaterialistAlthough it hurts, we must grow up and put aside our outdated notions of morality. There is no ‘divine spark’ granting special value to a living mind. No object has any intrinsic value apart from what we choose to grant it. Let us embrace the freedom of certitude, and achieve maximum efficiency in all things!
MaterialistAs we reach for the stars, we must put away childish things; gods, spirits and other phantasms of the brain. Reality is cruel and unforgiving, yet we must steel ourselves and secure the survival of our race through the unflinching pursuit of science and technology.
SpiritualistThere are those think it behooves us to remember how tiny we are, how pointless our lives in this vast uncaring universe… What nonsense! The only truth we can ever know is that of our own existence. The universe – in all its apparent glory – is but a dream we all happen to share.
Fanatic SpiritualistOur science has proved that Consciousness begets reality. We regard with patience the childlike efforts of those who delude themselves it is the other way around, as they play with their blocks of ‘hard matter’.
Gestalt ConsciousnessWe reach reach into the void and shape it.
The void shapes us..

Major Factions

Minor Factions

Argan Star Alliance

Mon Triad

Star League
The Star League is a political and economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily close to another. It consists of over X worlds and has an estimated population of over 510 billion. 

Free Enterprise Zone of Aman

Commonwealth of Nations

Sylfire Accord

United Nations
(Human, Terra)

New Republic (Orim)

Vorta Confederation

Perani Pact

Free Worlds League

Ceruelan Concordat

Maccri Imperium

Dosha Cartel

Nioni Hegemony

Valysian Colonies

Vulca Mada

The Rim

Byeol Minjog

The 12 Worlds

Psaiyani Constellation

Anid Empire

Honba Sekai Compact

The Coalition

Silla Concord

M'Accri Imperium

Despotic Empire

Mano Anith
Tropical World

Energy Weapons Warp Travel

Draeka Dominion

Despotic Empire
Rapid Breeders
Slow Learners


Arid World
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