Solas is the name that the inhabitants of the Western Isles gave their world. It means “place of light” in the ancient language and is used by almost all peoples. A few races and inhabitants of the planet have their own names for their world. Solas is a small planet largely covered by oceans. A few continents and thousands of larger and smaller islands are home to the peoples and cultures that have evolved over thousands of years.

Solas is the third planet orbiting a small yellow sun. It has a small moon and is shaped by the cycles of his all-encompassing ocean. Violent storms sweep over the vast expanse of the sea and hit the small land masses. Volcanoes and tsunamis are a constant danger, yet always provide opportunities for new life.

Solas Ocean Planet

The Western Isles

For 5,000 years humans and other peoples have been inhabiting the Western Ocean islands, where winter storms are weaker than in many other regions, where reefs and volcanic islands provide a habitat for great biodiversity. After the fall of the Imperium more than 1,500 years ago, many small kingdoms arose, which warred wars and formed larger nations to eventually become the Seven Kingdoms.


This northern kingdom is characterized by extensive coniferous forests and its harsh cold climate. The people here still often live like nomads, just like their ancestors, only in the south are fortified towns and villages. Their archaic language and traditional traditions mean everything to them. They have relatively little to do with other peoples and kingdoms, but are busy trading in furs, ivory, wood and other resources. Their culture is anything but primitive, yet many other peoples regard the inhabitants of this country as regressive. The small number of inhabitants is compensated by the inhospitable nature, otherwise Vakadunia would have long fallen to one of the other royal houses.













Silla (Goryeo, Gaya, Tamna)

Far to the East lies the Kingdom of Silla, the united former kingdoms of Goryeo, Gaya and Tamra. 174 years ago King Namul conquered the smaller kingdoms on the borders of uprising Silla and founded the Great Kingdom of Silla.


Imperium of Ahn

From the sunken island of Atalante once arose an empire spanning the entire known world. The Lords of Ahn were powerful mages and ruthless oppressors, enslaving their enemies and turning them into unstoppable armies. Their knowledge, wealth and magic allowed them to build the great empire now known as the Fallen Imperium. In their blind zeal, the slave princes even tried to subdue the dragons, which eventually became their doom. The Imperium faded and it’s masters vanished with their capital island in a fiery cataclysm. Only ancient ruins and forgotten inscriptions remain of the great Imperium.