Only five generations ago, our world was a flawed paradise. Overpopulation, climate change, water scarcity, energy consumption and other things affected our forefathers. But on the other side there were breathtaking technological developments – artificial intelligence, robotics, biomechanical prostheses, life-prolonging measures and full medical care – at least for those who could afford it. The future was bleak and uncertain – but we had a future. And then the bombs fell.

No one knows who threw the first stone, but it is certain that all nations sooner or later were involved in the Great War, that wiped out within hours what had been created over centuries. In the blazing fire of nuclear weapons, the old world was lost forever. Most of the victims were claimed by the global catastrophe in the years following the actual war. After all weapon arsenals and strategic points were destroyed, a deadly silence fell upon the planet. The survivors were waiting to be carried away by fallout and hunger. Almost nothing of the old infrastructure, technology and knowledge of the world before The Last Day was preserved. Mankind fell back into an age of unprecedented barbarism. Scorched and polluted lands without drinking water or protection from the blazing sun were all that remained of the blooming gardens and mega cities of the past.


When the sparse remains of mankind crawled into the daylight, injured and distraught, they met The Others. The war and the inhuman high-tech weapons had triggered more than just destroying the world of yesterday. They had torn a crack in the fabric of reality and broken through the previously known dimensions. Unknown energy flowed into our universe and began to deform it. Humans mutated, developed unknown abilities or turned into brainless creatures unfit for life. The last remnants of the planet’s fauna and flora changed, proliferated and developed into nightmarish life forms. A few of the changed learned to use their new powers for healing, survival, but also for oppression and persecution. They saved the last remnants of the knowledge and technology of the Lost Age and, with the help of extra-dimensional energy, created a new form of high technology called Runetec.


Over the years, small groups, then clans and regional alliances formed. From day one, the survivors fought each other for a few drops of clean water, a battery or a durable piece of clothing. Warlords and small principalities rule areas with little contamination, holding back water, oil or tools and letting the simple population work to their own advantage. Few people in the Vastland region remember the principles of humanity, freedom or charity. Creatures from the zones, the inaccessible contaminated areas, daily threaten the existence of the inhabitants, who are often unable to oppose the supernatural and dangerous beings.T