Wasteland Characters


The following character sheets use abbreviations and symbols to represent attributes and power levels. All values range from 0 to 10 (10 being the highest possible value), a value of x shows that the attribute is not relevant for the character and counts as “unlimited” in game mechanics.


Mutant / Psionic


Ranged Combat Skill

Melee Combat Skill



Power Level





Special FX

Armor Points



Cpt. Walker Slayton





He has been on the move since he was born and has only recently found a kind of home aboard the Chaos. His sober nature and sharp mind make him the ideal leader of the small band. Capt. Walker has made many powerful enemies in the course of his life and needs to count on the help of his friends more often than he likes.

For psionically gifted beings he is like a blank sheet. No amount of PSI power can affect it, it is inherently immune to its effects. However, he himself can not use any psychic powers or serve others as a vessel or battery.

Plasma Pistols 4 3  3
Skull Blade 3 2 M 5
Med Flak Armor 4

Lt. Erina Rhyne





Erina is an Ex-Special Forces officer and a gifted sniper. She is very talented at repairing mechanical and electronical devices and is the team’s communication officer. She can pilot a great number of ground and airborne vehicles. She does not reveal much about her past and whom she has been working for before she met Drifter and the Chaos Crew.

Machine Ghost  2
This talent allows a person to mentally connect to electronic devices, especially computers and communicate with them. The psionic can manipulate any mechanical device that is controlled by electronics.

exo-40 Railgun  8 5 8
Vibro-Knife 2 5 M
Specialist Field Armor 5

Sgt. Brent Markell





Brent is a war veteran and has received heavy physical modifications making him a half-cyorg. He is trained in using a power suit and a heavy weapons specialist. He can handle demolitions and operates as the ships weapons officer, controlling the artillery and guns of the Chaos.

Energy Shield  2 4 3
The augmented skeleton of Sgt. Brent allows him to use the Power Suit and to create a protective energy sphere around him and anything close to him.

XR114 Assault Rifle  6  3  6
M6E Missile Launcher  8  6  8
Heavy Power Suit  8






The entity calling herself Wraith is an ectoplasmic being that is mysteriously bound to the Chaos. She can only exist on or near the ship and has limited control over it. She is somehow connected to the ship’s ancient but damaged AI.

This talent allows Wraith to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.

Telekinesis  6
PSI Blast  6  3
Alter Time  3

  • Skull Blade – a demonic sword with several powers, carried by Cpt. Slayton
  • ??? (a small robot/drone, capable of flying)
  • Chaos, the ship (trimaran jetfoil)