Every day is a fight for survival. No one knows that better than you. As long as you can remember, you have been fighting. For food, for money, for respect. Your knuckles and your soul are hardened, crushing a jaw no longer hurts. You have learned the warrior’s secret: It’s not about who is the strongest. It’s about who will never quit.

You have learned how to fight, with your bare hands or with a sword or other weapon. You could be a noble knight (matgor “servant”) or a mean mercenary (corru lit. “blade”), an outlaw or a street gang member, a soldier, a city guard, a bounty hunter or some other kind of warrior. The only thing you really know is how to fight and how to survive a fight. Your history is covered in blood and strife, your future is dark and grim, providing nothing better than a quick death by your enemies blade one day. Yet, there are others that need your strength and can’t fight their battles themselves. After all, you have a tiny place and a faint shadow of meaning in this violent and unforgiving world.

Key Attribute: Strength Special Skill: Intimidate


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • Face: broken nose, dead eyes, scarred head, welding mask, hockey mask, metal jaw.
  • Body: scarred, muscular, compact, wiry, huge, arm prosthesis
  • Clothing: worn leather coat, dirty leather pants, woolen shirt, high boots


Choose one, you can learn more later.

  • Barge Through
  • Mean Streak
  • Sucker Punch


Choose one, you can learn more later. Replace … with character name.

  • …was still standing after one of your punches.
  • …fought by your side.
  • …left you to die.
  • …is wonderful. Some day he/she will be yours.


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • To crush everything that is pretty.
  • That your beloved will love you back.
  •  To build rather than destroy.


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

You hate:

  • The Chief Ancin, who killed your previous chief and tortured you.
  • The Warrior Narder, the only one who beat you in a fair fight.
  • The Trader Bertio, who you think stole your stash of gear.

You need to protect:

  • The Chief Coenge who takes care of you.
  • The Chronicler Breda, whom you secretly desire.
  • Nobody. No one in this rotten world deserves to live.


You start the game with D6 silver pennies, 2D6 rations of food and D6 rations of water.

Choose one of these starting weapons:

  • Long knife (or shortsword) & light shield
  • Broadsword
  • Spear & round shield
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