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The Stormblade (Jeonwang geom) is one of the seven holy swords forged by the goddess of fire Jowanshin. It was given to Seongsugi, the Mistress of the Fall, and is believed to cause the violent thunderstorms raging over the Three Kingdoms at the end of summer. The sword is infamous for its devastating powers which are hard to control by its bearer.


The sword is a curved two-handed blade of bluish metal. It emenates a faint light and has a long crystal spike at its pommel. When drawn thin lightnings crackle along the blade and touching it will cause a hefty electrical shock.


Basic Traits

  • indestructable, untainted, light-weight

  • +3 electrical discharge upon touch (except sword bearer)

  • +5 damage to Undead

  • can’t be wielded undead or demons (causes endless amounts of pain)

Lightning Storm (+2)

Holding the blase above the head, pointing to heaven, creates a multitude of lightning bolts that strike any living or undead being within an AoE of 30m around the sword bearer. The bolts hit automatically and cannot be doged or evaded, they are stopped normally by armor or objects.

Gale Strike (+2)

A sweeping strike through the air causes a strong gush of wind. Loose objects and persons within 30m in the cone of the strike must pass a STR check or be swept off their feet/thrown to the ground, regardless of their personal mass.


The sword bearer has power over the local weather in the way that he/she can create and control heavy thunderstorms. He/she can summon or calm down a storm with clouds, strong winds, flood rain,lightning and/or hail at will within 2D6 minutes. The maximum area effected is as far as the sword bearer can see. The sword bearer can control the intensity of the storm from 1 to 5, every level up or down takes another 2D6 minutes:





120-150 km/h

some minor damage to trees, shrubbery


150-180 km/h

damage buildings’ roofs and uproot trees


180-210 km/h

blow down large trees; damage small buildings, can break windows and doors


210-250 km/h

completely destroy huts, can tear off roofs, lower floors of structures near shore are susceptible to flooding


above 250 km/h

extensive damage to homes and buildings; blow away small buildings; lower floors of structures within 500 meters of shore and less than 4.5 m (15 ft) above sea level are damaged

The storm summoned will last for as long as the sword bearer wishes and stays within the affected area. If he/she leaves the affected area, the storm will gradually cease (2D6 minutes for every level of intensity down to 0). The same mechanism, only reversed, is used when the sword bearer calmed down a storm. A storm calmed down to level 0 will not revert back to its former level, even if the sword bearer leaves the area.

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