Everyone in town knows you’re bad news. Often you don’t even need to hit anyone to make them back off. You know exactly which buttons to push to subdue them – or provoke them. Roll for Intimidate when you use your sheer physical presence to get someone to do what you want. The rules for bargaining position apply, just like for the Manipulate skill.

Failure: Your opponent won’t be pushed around by a bully like you. He might even attack you now, or hold his grudge for the opportune moment.

Success: Your opponent must choose – either attack you right now (by Fighting, Shooting or using a mutation), or bow to your will.

Stunt: Additional 6s mean you strike fear into your opponent’s heart. He suffers one point of doubt for every additional 6 you roll on top of the first one.



Even if you are not a recognized craftsman who is considered capable or even equal by guilds and masters, you can use simple means and skill to make amazing things or repair things. This ability makes you a coveted member of adventurer groups.

Your interdisciplinary knowledge and some unusual tricks allow you to sometimes make amazing inventions or unorthodox things to change and previously unknown effects and properties to achieve. Unfortunately, your pseudo art is also extremely unreliable and people avoid your presence when you use your equipment.

Some created gear examples:

  • A powder gun.
  • A handfull of  arrows.
  • Scrap armor, Armor Rating 3.
  • A shield, made from a metal plating. Armor Rating 3.
  • An explosive charge, Blast Power 6.
  • A flaming torch.
  • A lamp, lit by booze (one dose per hour).
  • Telescope. Gives you Gear Bonus +1 to Scout.
  • A foghorn. Can be heard for miles around.
  • Destillator. Produces D6 doses of booze in a few hours.
  • Camouflage suit. Gives you Gear Bonus +2 to Sneak.
  • Scrap raft. Can carry up to five mutants over water.
    A cart. Can carry plenty of scrap and gear.
    Balloon. Can lift one person a few hundred meters through the air, until the hot air runs out.
    Scrap cannon (page 87). Every shot requires an explosive charge.


The Burglary skill covers your character’s aptitude for stealing things and getting into places that are off-limits. In genres that rely on the use of a lot of technology, this skill also includes a proficiency in the related tech, allowing the character to hack security systems, disable alarm systems, and whatnot.

Failure: You don’t manage to overcome the obstacles and get into the locked room – or you fumble the purse you try to snatch away from under someone’s cloak..

Success: You manage to pick the lock, disarm the trap or disable the alarm device just on time.

Stunt: Additional 6s mean you either don’t leave any tracks or you manage to not break the lock or window while getting into the room. For every additional 6 you may choose one beneficail side-effect like making no noise, leaving no traces, being quick or similar.

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