Step 1 - Size

First step is to determine the size of any treasure or loot. It doesn’t matter where it is found or under what circumstances, even grabbing stuff from the pockets of a thiefs victim is treated as a (small) treasure.

Determine treasure size by choice or by rolling. Choice is preferred as it will fit your camppaign better than a random result. There are no results without any value (like “no treasure”) – every result will provide you with at least a minimum gain, even if not an obvious one.

Roll 1d100SizeDescription
01-34TinyAnything that can fit into or simply grabbed and moved by a human hand.
35-64SmallFits into a small container like a bag, rucksack or cassette.
65-84MediumFits into a large container like a chest, cupboard or barrel. Add +10 to rolls on Value.
85-94LargeFits into several large containers like chests and barrels. Add +20 to rolls on Value.
95-99Very LargeFits into a small room and requires several large containers to be transported. Add +30 to rolls on Value.
00HugeFills a large room or hall and requires many large containers to be transported. Add +40 to rolls on Value.

Step 2 - Value

In the next step choose or roll for the total value of your treasure. Value is not tied to size, a small piece of magical jewelry can be worth more than a kingdom, a huge treasure of ancient coins and rusty armor might be worth far less than the size promises.

Roll 1d100ValueDescription
01-29WorthlessHas only ideal or extremely low monetary value. Ensures no livelihood and covers at best the costs or risks of obtaining it.
30-69WorthyA small profit, which is worth the effort. But still too little to rest on the laurels for a long time.
70-89PrizedSomething most people would consider a “real treasure” of high value. Allows you to acquire some really expensive possessions or to retire for a limited time.
90-99PreciousA treasure that nobles and kings would consider worthy and ensures ensures an extened or even unlimited livelihood.
00PricelessUnbelievable value. No individual has such a fortune, enough to buy a kingdom.