Uralte Wälder

  • Aelflingar
  • Zentauren
  • Wald-Elementare
  • Werwölfe
  • Donnerechsen
  • Ritter des Waldes
  • Große Waldschlange
  • Waldtrolle
  • Kobolde
  • Gott des Waldes
  • Echsenvolk
  • Hexen
  • Holzteufel
  • Rachrebe
  • Uralter Waldelch

The White Stag

The Kinf of the Forest is an ancient and mysterious creature that appears as a large white stag with a long curved horn on it’s forehead instead of antlers. It has snow-white fur, a long mane like a horse, white feathering and a bushy tail. The stick measure is at least 2m, it’s body is muscular but graceful.

Nobody knows if there are several animals of its species, but one suspects that there is only one king of the forest at any one time. Apparently there are also no female animals or young animals that resemble its appearance. Nothing else is known about reproduction or origin.