Red Dragon (Old)

Red Dragon by GuzBoroda

The Red Dragon belongs to the oldest and most powerful creatures in existence. Several thousand years old and of gargantuan size, these giant lizards are the bane of entire continents. Fortunately they need to lie dormant for long periods, sparing the lands and populations for several centuries before they wake up and have to feed again.

This dragon has deep red scales and is capable of breathing pure flame upon his enemies. He is a cunning and smart creature, not willing to risk his long life against inferiors in battle. He will always fight when he is at an advantage and simply fly aways if not. Red dragons sometimes fall for ancient magical items they crave.


Agility: +1Appearance: +1
Build: +9Creativity: +3
Fitness: +5Influence: 0
Knowledge: +7Perception: +5
Psyche: 0Willpower: +5

Secondary Traits

Strength: +7Health: 3
Stamina: 85  
Unarmed Damage: 23Armed Damage: n/a


Hand-to-Hand: 4

Length: 12 m
Height: 4 m
Wingspan: 16 m
Weight: 750 kg


Bite UD+8Melee1
Claws UD+6Melee2
Tail-1 UD+75 m1
Fire Breath-1x24151/2


Flesh Wound 43
Deep Wound 85
Death 170
System Shock 8